Match Report - U13's Darlington v Richmond

Richmond won the toss and decided to bowl to see how the wicket was playing. The bowling was good, although we did give away 21 extras, Darlington scored a total of 56 runs and we took 4 wickets - Jordan Forbes 2, Toby Newton 1 and Jack Nicholls 1, we took 3 catches George, Matty price and Jordan and also dropped 3! Darlington finished on 245!

Our opening pair tom and Toby scored 3 and 5 respectively with Toby losing a wicket through a run out, jack and Nathan scored 7 each with Nathan also losing a wicket, George and Jordan scored 9 and 8, Jordan also lost a wicket, James and Jack Nicholls scored 5 and 4 with no loss,

The final pair Matty Price and Johnnycake Carlton went in needing 11 to win, they scored 7 but Darlington obliged by giving us a few extras. We won by 5 runs. Another good victory.