Richmondshire CC 2015 Survey

3 October 2015

Thank you to all RCC users who have contributed to survey. There were 88 responses, balanced across all categories of club users. The full analysis is attached here, please do take a look.

Please find a summary of the analysis below. This pulls together common themes across the different questions. The management committee will use it, together with the detailed survey, to create action points. All comments and suggestions are being carefully considered. Many of them we can do something about now, and some others will be actioned when we can in the future.

Please do contact us at any time to discuss any points you feel strongly about or have suggestions on - communication was a common theme!

Satisfaction: 51.5% were satisfied or very satisfied with the club overall. We will aim to improve this to a higher figure and act upon the comments of those who are dissatisfied.

Staff: Some comments ask for improvements in staff approach, welcome and helpfulness. This needs consideration and action now. Some respondents were more positive and praise the staff for their welcome.

Welcome: Some comments on welcome and lack of inclusiveness are noted. We aim to improve the welcoming feel of the club so that all feel included and cliques are avoided

Communication:  Just over 20% of respondents were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied with communication. The club is considered ‘cliquey’ by some respondents. The survey indicates that overall areas for improvement in communication are committee members and meetings, phone messages left, facebook and twitter. Systems for communicating with committee members will be reviewed and action points raised.  The survey results show that communication issues with staff will also need acting upon. The committee need to look to improve customer face to face relationships, communications from members and meetings, effectiveness of use of telephone, answer machine messages, notice boards, who’s who, Email, website, and facebook.

Facilities: Greatest satisfaction levels are with the outside cricket facilities. More competitive cricket for the young ones was requested. Disappointment scores were highest with food and changing rooms. Since the questionnaire, the provision of food has changed and the club now offers regular catering using an outside company. Your opinions on these changes will be sought again soon. Other key areas raised are the siting of the pool table, darts, TV and seating areas/layout. The condition of the pool table was also commented on.

User opinions on what needs to improve: Ranked in order of number of mentions, these are food, (barfood, restaurant food and snacks and drinks availability and opening hours), changing rooms, toilets, functions (what, and how they are handled), room layouts, drinks, welcome, followed by furniture, ceiling and lighting.  The area to the side of the club (car park, bin area etc) was stated as being messy and giving the wrong impression. Lots of helpful comments and suggestions were made by the questionnaire respondents, and are listed in the survey results attached. The committee will consider all these at future meetings.

Usage of the club: 72% of users said they would use it more if improvements were made.  Many suggestions helpful were made – see comments in analysis. It is the aim of the committee to make sure that your comments and suggestions are acted upon.

ONGOING CONTACT: any committee member will listen to your views and take them to the committee meetings. See notice board for who’s who and contact details – coming soon!

AGM: Please note the Club's AGM will take place in late November; a notice will go up shortly when the date is agreed.

 You are most welcome to attend; if you wish to raise any issues at the AGM, they must be received in writing by the Club Secretary at least two weeks before the AGM.

Margi Irving
Vice President