Pre-season jobs Sat 25th March, 1st April

Pre-season jobs, Sat 25th March and 1st April

The next two Saturday mornings, volunteers are required at the main ground to help with jobs which will include:

Completing the re-assembly of and minor repairs to the nets
Moving scaffold poles into position to mend the fence
Brushing out the nets with a stiff brush to remove leaves/twigs
Litter picking
Helping put the sightscreens for the school ground onto a trailer to the school
General gardening/weeding
Sweeping out the scorebox and changing rooms

The work will start about 10.00 and finish about lunchtime. Those wanting to start with a cooked breakfast will find they can buy one in the clubhouse from 9.00.

Bring gloves, wear sturdy footwear and bring whatever tools you have that will help do the sort of job you plan to help with.

If anyone has a stepladder, mini-scaffold or similar access equipment that can be put inside the nets and will allow people to reach up to 4 metres high to mend holes in the roof of the nets, can they please bring it.